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    Qlik Sense Republish

    Perumal Ayyappan

      Hi All,

      I need do changes in my ETL ,so I plan to duplicate application  from stream to work place ,after need republish to orginal application   .

      My Question is currently application have  Base Sheets,Published Sheets ,Community sheets .When republish ,the application have Published Sheets ,Community sheets or not

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          Chanty 4u

          yes it will be there.


          you need to import your latest application to server and select that app in qmc--apps-- down publish


          select your stream then select check box replace the existing app.


          then you can select old app and replace with new.


          because of replacing  the app id and object iDs will not change.  then after delete the latest app. 

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            Pablo Labbe

            When you publish an app replacing the one in the stream, all sheets created by users (Published and Community) will remain in the app and all Base Sheets will be replaced by this new version.


            if you delete an app from the stream, all Published and Community are deleted too and there is no way to recover.

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