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    StructuredParameter´s Aggr function bug?

    Fabiana Iglesias



      recently, I copy an expression from a post and I think there´s a bug.


      The expression is:



          If(Rangesum(Above(Sum({1} Sales)/Sum({1} total Sales),1,RowNo()))<0.8, 'A',

              If(Rangesum(Above(Sum({1} Sales)/Sum({1} total Sales),1,RowNo()))<0.9, 'B',


          (Product,(=Sum({1} Sales),Desc))



      The post is: Recipe for a Pareto Analysis – Revisited


      When I copy the expression, the structure parameter is no detected in my Qlik (I use Qlik Sense Desktop, february 2018 version)



      As it´s showed in the figure, "desc" is not in blue and it does no works.


      Do you think it´s a bug or am I doing something wrong?