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    Filter data load from SQL server

    Ryan Reid

      I am trying to filter the data load from a SQL server comparing against a field that uses the following date format example: '2018_February'.


      Currently, I can filter using the where and like, as shown below:




      [ID] AS [RefreshSRList.ID],

      [RefreshType] AS [RefreshSRList.RefreshType],

      [RefreshCycleName] AS [RefreshCycle-RefreshCycleName],

      [SMTicket] AS [RefreshSRList.SMTicket],


      SQL SELECT "ID",





      FROM "RefreshMon"."dbo"."RefreshSRList"

      WHERE RefreshCycleName like '2018_February';


      But rather than having to alter the '2018_February' every month, can I use SYSDATETIME or such to use the current month year into a format that will compare against the 'RefreshCycleName' field?