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    Filter cases

    Henrik Roikjer

      Hello all,


      Im fairly new to QlikSense and therefore I have a question I hope you can help me with.


      I have 2 data sheets containing cases with various information - one with 60 and another with with 400.


      I kinda want to combine all the information on all the cases from "datasheet 1" which has estimated 60 cases.
      The datasheet 2 has around 3000 cases, but im only interested with the information for the 60 cases from datasheet 1.

      There is a unique number that identifies them (but they are called something differently in each sheet.)


      Is there a way I can combine the information?

      I want want to build the following:

      - "KPI" on count on number of cases (=60)

      - "Bar chart" showing the count of cases pr month (from Okt. 2017 til feb 2018)

      - "Bar chart" showing the failure codes

      - "pie chart" showing the if the cases are warranty or on service contact.


      datasheet 1: counting 60 cases

      "Unique number"

      "Hardware failure code"


      datasheet 2: count 400

      "Unique number"


      "Service contract"

      "Paid service"



      Thank you so much in advance !


      Best regards Henrik.

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          Shilpan Patel

          Hi Henrik, I hope that I understand what you want. When you load data, add a flag that indicates datasheet. So, you can use Set Analysis expression with a modifier like {<source={'Datasheet1'}>} for calculation if you want to include only records from datahseet1.

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            Karthik Selvaraj

            Hi Henrik,

            Yes, you can build all of the following. Please concatenate 2 tables and use the key flag to identify the difference in the data.


            Many Thanks


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              Henrik Roikjer

              Alright so I have 2 data sheets.

              But you guys talks about "flags", `but how do I add those?


              I have tried to attach 2 excel sheets (table 1 and table 2).

              Both of them has "PSR numbers" in the first column, but then the second column is different.

              Furthermore the first excel sheet (table 1) has 5 "psr numbers" while the second excel sheet (table 2) has 20 "psr numbers"


              In my QlikSense App, i only wanna see the 5 psr numbers but have access to both the linetype from table 1 and country from table 2.



              The 2 data sources:

              Table 1:

              PSR Numbers: 5 numberes totabel

              Linetype: warranty, service contract or service bill.


              Table 2

              PSR Numbers: 20 numbers total

              Country: Denmark, Germany or Norway


              QlikSense App:

              Bar chart:

              Dimension: Country

              Measure: PSR numbers (5 psr numbers total - from table 1)


              Pie chart:

              Dimension: Linetype

              Measure: PSR numbers (5 psr numbers total - from table 1)