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    Usage of brackets around date field in Monthstart function

    Bram de Kort

      Hi all,


      I encountered a strange behavior of the Monthstart function in Qlik Sense. Hope one of you can clear this mystery for me :-).


      I made a Master (drilldown) dimension called 'Besteldatum' (Orderdate in English) with the following expression:


      =Dual(Year([Besteldatum])&'-'&Month([Besteldatum]), monthstart(Besteldatum))



      Using this dimension in a bar chart together with a count on ordernumbers, it looks like this when drilled down to week level:


      Week view.JPG


      Then, when I make the following minor change to the master dimension (including the square brackets around the field 'Besteldatum' in the function monthstart, the same bar chart (using the same month selection as above)) looks like this:


      =Dual(Year([Besteldatum])&'-'&Month([Besteldatum]), monthstart([Besteldatum]))



      Week view (brackets).JPG


      Does anyone know about this? Is this maybe a bug?


      Thanks in advance for your response!