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    Issue with Rank Function

    omar bensalem

      Hi all ( stalwar1 )


      I have sthing in mind but I can't figure out a way to do it; Let me explain:


      I have one dimension : ClientName

      I have on measure: sum({1}Hits)

      I've created a text field: its goal is to give back the rank of each clientName once selected :

      subfield(aggr(rank( sum({1} NbHits), ClientName),ClientName),'-')

      This will work, when we select one ClientName, It returns its Rank.

      But now, I got yet another requirement which is :

      I select 3 clients for example: I sum up their Hits. and see their combined rank (if these 3 clients were 1 client, where would they Rank?)


      Hope that was clear?

      Ps: I'm not even sure this is possible!

      Hope someone would help !