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    join between tables

    chedi miled

      hello everyone ,  i  am new in qlik sense and i wonder if i can make this kind of association using qlik sense , not only associating the IDs but also joining different  fields .



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          Digvijay Singh

          In Qlik Sense association is automatically created if any two tables have same field name, so its not just restricted to IDs or key fields but you need to ensure that two tables are connected through single field and there must not be a loop created while associating tables. Sometimes two fields can be used for association but its suggested to avoid as far as possible.


          Loop can be understood as  A->B->C->A, Here C connected to A via B and also C directly connected to A, this kind of looping is not allowed in Qlik data model to keep data association and selections unambiguous.

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            Santosh Reddy M

            Hi Chedi,


            You can do this in QlikSense, By default when you load the data into the Qlik, it has the capability to associate all the fields with same name (associative model).

            You can also join different fields using the following functions:

            (Inner, Outer, Left, Right) join or Keep


            Thank you




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              Ishtdeep Singh

              Please try to maintain a simple data model not the complex one. Analyse your data & drop unnecessary fields & try to join tables if their is some scope. Avoid loops in your data model. You can use link tables.


              Thank you!