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    Concatenation of field with mastercalendar

    beck bakytbek

      Hi Folks, i have a question, my business situation does look like:


      I have a Mastercalender with following Fields and Values:

      Year = 2018

      Year Month = 2018 02,


      And i have a separate table with fields: Date_of_Status, this Field consist of information when my project expires : for instance

      Project, Date_of_Status:

      Project A, 05.06.2017

      Project B, 06.05.2018

      Project A, 12.12.2017


      My Issue is: how can i concatenate this Field with my mastercalender, i am pursuing a goal where if i select my mastercalender and if my Value from mastercalender is large then the value from Field: Date_of_Status then should be created a additional field: for instance: Active and Not active:


      Calculation and logic does look like: if i select my calendar

      Mastercalender     Value from Field: Date_of_Status        Status            Explanation

      2018 02                            06.05.2018                          activ              (here is my project active, because: 06.05.2018 > 2018 02)


      2018 02                            05.06.2017                          not active       (here is my project non active, because: 05.06.2017 < 2018 02)


      if this logic is done, i want to create the filter: Status : active and non active, So i can select all active and non active project in depende of my master calendar.


      Does anybody have any idea? if my explanation not clear enough, please let me know


      Thanks a lot