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    Running 7days expression

    Isabel Encinas

      Hi guys,


      Please help me with calculating running 7days report with the below requirements.

      See attached sample for reference. 


      *Include only those calls with Session ANI
      *20+ Calls from same Session ANI in the relevant period - remove

      *FCR has been calculated on 7day FCR only

      FCR % = # of first calls resolved divided by no. of first calls
      N of First Calls Resolved = # of customer only calling once within 7 days period
      N of First Calls= First instance of customer calling within 7 days period



      Report is run on January 10.
      4 customers called once between 3rd and 9th of January
      1 customer called multiple times
      * no. of first call resolver = 4
      *no. of first calls = 5
      FCR = 4/5 ~ 80 %