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    Second Dimension Alters Totals

    Aaron Bishop

      Hello All,


      I'm hitting a wall on this one... My data set is relatively simple. Yet for some reason, I'm not getting the right totals.


      I am only dealing with two fields at this time: a Date/Time field, and an Employee field. I need to graph the number of Conditions ordered over time, with respect to employee. Ideally, Something like this:


      Count of Orders by Employee.JPG

      To achieve the graph above, I have used the following setup:


      Dimension 1:  [ConditionOrdered.autoCalendar.Date]

      Dimension 2:  Employee

      Measure:  Count([ConditionOrdered])


      It seems like this should work, but the totals are off from what they should be. As an example, I have attached data from the most recent business day. Without the [Employee] dimension, the graph shows that there were 109 orders made, whereas with the [Employee] dimension, I get a total of 103. It makes sense that the two blanks in the [Employee] field would not be counted, but that does not account for another four that aren't being counted.


      Has anyone had a similar issue when including a second dimension? Any ideas for solutions?