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    How to reload another Sense app using widget?

    Fei Xu

      We can build a widget like this to reload the current Sense app:


        <lui-button ng-click="app.doReload(); app.doSave();">Reload</lui-button>


      However how can I reload another application? The reload API doesn't have the option to indicate other app's name or ID?


      qlik.app.doReload(qMode, qPartial, qDebug)


      Can anyone shed any light please?





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          Erik Wetterberg


          You will need to call the Repository API app reload method.


          But I'm not sure that this is possible from a widget, you might be better off with an extension.


          Hope this helps


          Erik Wetterberg

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              Fei Xu

              Thank you very much for your reply.

              The help page says app api is working with widget but I don't know how to use it. Can you help me with my widget codes? It doesn't work (all I want to do is set up a reload button to load app id 95c2adae-dfa8-4a5c-9524-118b5cf328d6):




              var config = {
                  host: "mydomain.com", //the address of your Qlik Engine Instance
                  prefix: "/", //the virtual proxy to be used. for example "/anonymous/"
                  port: window.location.port, //the port to be used if different from the current port 
                  isSecure: true //should be true if connecting over HTTPS

                  baseUrl: ( config.isSecure ? "https://" : "http://" ) + config.host + (config.port ? ":" + config.port: "") + config.prefix + "resources",

              require(['js/qlik'], function(qlik) {
                  //if there's any error we catch it here
                  qlik.setOnError( function ( error ) {

              var app = qlik.openApp("95c2adae-dfa8-4a5c-9524-118b5cf328d6", config);





                <lui-button ng-click="app.doReload();