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    Alternate state help in the attached app

    bhavani b

      Hi Experts,


      I have tried Alternate States in Qliksense without extension.

      Its working fine with one field but how to apply state to multiple fields?

      for example in my scenario I am able to apply the alternate state for Application Field but i need to apply the alternate sate for Date also without extension in this way only.


      I have added the back end script like below.


      load Application as [Application A],

          Date as [Date A]

      resident  Inline;



      load Application as [Application B],

      Date as [Date B]

      resident  Inline;

      Struck at  UI. Please help me on adding the date field to state. Please find the attached app.

      Sum({$<Application=P([Application A])>}Jobs)

      Sum({$<Application=P([Application B])>}Jobs)



      Thanks in advance.