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    Limiting the values on a line chart

    Joanna Aksiuto

      Hi All,


      I have the following problem with line chart created in QlikSense (see the picture and the description below).


      The graph represents count of customer requests for each quarter and the expression on the X-axis is an IF function: if(quarterend(Date<Today(),YearQuarter). Therefore, I would expect the values on the X-axis to display data until 2017 Q4 as this is the last full quarter that has been completed. However, there is a grey line after that point that shows the count of requests for the first month of 2018 which should not be there.


      Can anyone advise how to fix it? I tried different options but could not eliminate the problem. I think this is a QlikSense-specific problem as the same graph works perfectly fine in QV.


      Thanks a lot in advance!


      line chart.png