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    Require help on Confusion Matrix (pivot table) filter

    nil nil

      Hello all,


      I used the pivot table chart to create the confusion matrix with the following data structure:

      x (row in pivot table)y (column in pivot table)score (measure in pivot table)
      Doc ADoc B0.8
      Doc ADoc C0.6
      Doc BDoc A0.9
      Doc BDoc C0.4
      Doc CDoc A0.7
      Doc CDoc B0.1


      Now I've a dimension that i would like to filter the data by and the dimension is year. I've another table that contains the documents details with the following structure:

      Doc A2017
      Doc B2017
      Doc C2018


      However, when i inserted year as a dimension into a filter pane, it only filters the x dimension in the pivot table. (as expected)

      An example is if i select 2017 in the year filter pane, the pivot table will show Doc A and Doc B on the row but still show Doc A, Doc B and Doc C on the column in the pivot table.



      Is there any way i could select a value in the year filter pane and filter for both x and y in the pivot table?