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    Hypercube does not contain a certain measure

    Zoltan Farkas



      I've created a hypercube with around 25 measures. It was working fine, each time I've loaded the application the measures were there and the calculation was fine. However I've included one more measure and it looks like it's sometimes there, sometimes it's not. When I first load the application and navigate to that page where it occurs, it won't work (all the other measures are working fine, it just looks like the hypercube does not contain that particular measure). If I refresh the mashup (while I'm in this page) the hypercube will contain the measure and it's working ok. (Basically it's just a flag which is switching between 2 objects when a certain condition is evaluated to true, however it won't show any object in the first load because the hypercube does not contain that measure).


      Does anyone has any idea what's the issue and how can I resolve that?