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    Has anyone been able to store multiple table into a single excel file via the load script?

    Robert Duvall

      I want to be able to save multiple tables into a single excel document, but not through a macro just on the load script.  Each tab in the Excel would have the name of table's being used in that spread sheet.  I know you can store a single table into a csv and open in Excel.  Also you can load from Excel using specific named tabs that you can control in the load script editor.





      Fish, Count

      Red, 1

      Blue, 2






      Bird, Count

      Tucan, 4

      Parrot, 1



      The Excel output would have a tab called Fish and a second tab called Birds.


      STORE * FROM Fish INTO Pets.csv (txt):

      STORE * FROM Birds INTO Pets.csv (txt):


      Just replaces the csv each time with the new.  I want the process to be automated such that the output files are made after the refresh of the QVW.  Your response and time is much appreciated.