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    Unlink Table from all Other Tables

    Jan Wu

      This is a question for Qlik Sense.


      I have a table that I want to be completely unlinked from all other tables, however it seems to need to share a field name with another table.


      I currently have two tables, one which I need to be "standalone" (not linked with any other table). This has a field called GroupID. I have another table which is linked to a number of other tables. This table also has a field called GroupID. No other tables have GroupID in their list of fields.


      My problem becomes that I need to restrict access to both of these tables through GroupID (ex users in Group A will only be able to see things marked A in both the standalone and linked tables), so it appears that I cannot change the name of the field in the standalone.


      How can I either remove the linkage between the two tables, or make section access apply by multiple fields (at which I would change standalone's GroupID field name to something else)?