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    section access - hierarchy level

    vikas mahajan

      Hi all,


      I have used following user structure  to implement the section access  into qlik sense here I am using role base

      hierarchy based on user role. for eg 


      User NameAccessUser IdREGION_NAMEState_Office
      JohnrUSERDomainid/JohnrNRUTTAR PRADESH


      which is working perfectly fine for me. Now issue is that  i am using following formula to Identify when  user is drilling down the hierarchy  on which user has based on getselectedcount() function.



      IF(getselectedCOUNT(REGION_NAME)>=1 AND getselectedCOUNT([State_Office])<1,'State_Office',

      IF(getselectedCOUNT(REGION_NAME)>=1 AND getselectedCOUNT([State_Office])>=1 and GetSelectedCount(Territory)<1,'Territory',

      IF(getselectedCOUNT(REGION_NAME)>=1 AND getselectedCOUNT([State_Office])>=1 and GetSelectedCount(Territory)>=1  and GetSelectedCount(DistName)< 1 ,'DistName',




      1. If  user has given state office  level  is there any way or method to identify that which level of Parent - child  hierarchy I am currently

          in other than getselectedcount() function ?.

      2. When I pass user with State_Office level , then getselectedcount() won't change can we pass dynamic variables with section access      so that we can get the current level of user on which he has ?