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    Nprinting word document formatting issue

    Pooja Nagaraj

      Hello all,


      I am using Nprinting 16.4.0 version, I was not able to pull the charts with caption in Nprinting word document, hence i was manually adding the borders and titles. Now, the word document is pulling the charts with caption, hence i have to manually edit the template again. The word document format is different, when i preview it and run it manually from the server and word document format is coming different (with caption) when i receive it via email.

      I did not make any changes to qvw and word template.

      Could you please help me to fix the word template formatting issues.



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          Jérémie Colmant

          Hi Pooja,


          Did you find the solution!?

          I come across the same problem..

          Each objects are well placed excepting the last one and it's generates a page break . I tried everything!


          Tell me if you resolve it!


          Best regards, 



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            Ruggero Piccoli



            Qlik NPrintign 16.4 is a very old version and there are some solved bugs about Word templates in newer ones.

            My suggestion is to update your installation to latest version (16.8 right now) and try to reproduce the issue.

            If it is not solved open a support ticket so we could internally investigate if there is a bug.



            Best Regards,



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