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    Set Analysis date, issue with the expression editor

    Gregory Di Pasquale

      Hi all,


      I'm pretty new to Qlik Sense (especially with set analysis) and I have some trouble.


      I just want to get all past operations for the current year (so before today).


      Here is my code :


      Sum({$<[OPERATION_DATE.autoCalendar.Date] = {"<=$(Date(Today(),'MM/DD/YYYY'))"} ,[OPERATION_DATE.autoCalendar.Year] = {2018}>} OPERATION_ACCRUED_INT_AMOUNT_EUR)


      I think there is an error in my code because the result is not the expected one (it seems that the today section does not work).

      But I have some trouble to debug it using Qlik Sense Desktop (February version) because it seems that the expression analyser does not work as you can see in the screens attached.


      Perhaps I'm not using it in the right way.


      Any help would be appreciated.