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    left align dates

    Colin O'Donnell

      Hello all,


      Hopefully there is a solution to this that I have overlooked.


      I note that:

      A: Qlik Sense automatically left aligns Text and right aligns Dates and Numbers.

      B: The reason why Dates are right aligned is because of the Dual function which stores Dates as a text string to be displayed and a number for processing and sorting the order.



      I have been able to convert a date to a text so that it Left Aligns using the following function in the script:

      Text (Date("Date",'MMMM'))  as "Month",

      This means that visually, the filter planes all line up as they should as follows:




      The problem now is the order is now out of sync  as the text is now sorted alphabetically.


      How can I arrange the order of the text?


      Perhaps add a preceding number or some other character to the text? This preceding number/character would need to remain invisible.


      I have tried playing with the Dual function, but when I apply a number to the text, it gets right aligned again.


      Many thanks,