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    color expression in bar diagram

    Gregory Di Pasquale


      I have a bar diagram with 1 dimension and 2 measures :



      I would like to use diffrent colors for my bars in comparing them.

      For example, I would like that for a given month, the biggest value will be set in green and the lowest in red.

      Is it possible by simply comparing the 2 bars ?

      Or should I create a color expression using the code of my bars ?


      Code behind bars :

      column 1 :


      column 2 :

      Sum({$<[OPERATION_VALUE_DATE.autoCalendar.Year] = {2018}, [OPERATION_VALUE_DATE.autoCalendar.Date] = {"<=28/02/2018"}>}OPERATION_ACCRUED_INT_AMOUNT_EUR)


      I've tried to write such expression but without success.

      Perhaps there is a simple way to do that ?


      Thanks for your help.