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    Padding Text

    Colin O'Donnell

      Hello all,


      How do you add spaces to an expression?

      Basically I want to pad text so that I lines up correctly.


      I have an expression that says:

      ='Result: £'&Sum(Sales).

      This displays as Result:£123,456


      However I would like to display as follows so that it lines up with my worksheet.

      Result:           £123,456


      I have tried the following but with no avail (QS seems to remove spaces)

      'Result:                 £'&Sum(Sales)

      'Result: '&'chr(9)&£'&Sum(Sales)


      Any thoughts?


      As an aside when importing from excel, the following works for me in the script when I am stacking vertical bar graphs and I want the Dimensions to Line up / align:


         right('               '&"Dim1",20) as "Dim1",      

          right('               '&"Dim2",20) as "Dim2",

          right('                 '&"Dim3",20) as "Dim3",

          right('                 '&"Dim4",20) as "Dim4",