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    Creating a table without dimensions (Widget)

    Twan Peters

      In Qlikview it's quite easy to create a table without having dimensions for the purpose of:


      dim1: no dimensions

      exp1 : sum(Sales). Label : Sales

      exp2 : sum(Margin), Label : Margin.


      Result in Table:


      Sales           100

      Margin         10


      I'm trying to achieve the same in Qlik Sense with creating a Widget as there is no extension available to do this in Qlik Sense.


      However, i'm strugging with importing the expression in the table, how can i do that?


      Suppose i'm using the below simple HTML code in a Widget, how to add the expression


        <!-- Table -->

        <table class="table">


      <tr class="row100 body">

      <td class="cell100 column1">Invalid Creation/Closed Date</td>

      <td class="cell100 column2">Expression</td>


      <tr class="row100 body">

      <td class="cell100 column1">Acquisition Low</td>

      <td class="cell100 column2"> Expression</td>