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    Help with images anf 'if' condition!!

    alan lara

      Hello guys, i'm kind of new at this, and my question is next:

      i would like to appear or hidde an image depending result of a list , for example, i have 'FlagImages', 'Names' and 'TimesVisited',


      FlagImages = images of countries

      Names= names of persons

      TimesVisited= the ammount of countries they have visited


      This names represent people that could have visit different countries, and what i'm triying to do is that when select a name on this list i need to show with a flag image  all different nations this person  have visited, it could be 2 or 6, etc.


      I know how to hide or appear a text object on wich i have set the image: if(country = 'mexico',1,0) at condition chart

      but how can i tell that  depending of a result of a different table it will be the image and the amount of flags?.


      I guess in sql could be like this:  SELECT IF(result of list name = 'name')TimesVisited FROM person.


      I've tried next on each object : if(NameList = 'peter',1,0) at text object/design/condition. The result should be  3

      different flags images appearing but no flag is deployed, 



      sorry for gramatics apreciate any help please!!