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    RE:Filter Limitation ?

    Chanty 4u

      Hi rpc  djk


      i am using Np 17.2.3 Qliksense .


      i have 4 filters  for my report.


      FilterA     -Product

      FilterB  - Here i have  8 values

      FilterC  -Product

      FilterD  - Here i have 8 values



      After adding this filters to report - after generating the report is coming with empty template .. 


      after remove the filters having 8 values its giving me correct output ..


      what might be the reason?  Do you have any idea?






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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Chanty,


          I wouldn't call that a limitation. That's how the product is designed to work.


          Go through this page, including the examples: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/February2018/Content/ReportsDevelopment/Static-dynamic-filters.htm


          I suspect you are ending up with an empty result set because different filters at different levels are filtering for different values on the same Field. Filters on the same Field at different levels result in only the common values being returned (intersection), which could well be none.


          From one example in on the page linked to:

          • Task filter: Country = Italy
          • User filter: -
          • Report filter: Country = Germany
          • Resulting filter: empty


          If you don't find your answer there you will need to give us more explicit details.


          HTH - Daniel.

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              Chanty 4u

              thanks Daniel . For you inputs.


              here is my scenario   is     i have 4 base tables.


              based on that 4 tables were created.   now i am creating  filters for each table


              Customer Customer CategoryLocationMonthTypeSeats
              FinanceRCIndiaApr 2017Ac10
              FinanceLEUSApr 2017Pl20
              FinanceProUkMay 2017Ac30



              so here am creating filter  


              Customer Category= RC,LE,Pro ..........like 8 values



              same for other tables also. with different column names.

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                  Daniel Jenkins

                  Sorry Chanty, but that is not enough information to even start guessing what the issue might be. You will need to be far more detailed than that.


                  Start with:

                  * The definition of each filter being applied (all of them). Filter name, Fields & Values

                  * Level that they are applied at (Task, Report, User, etc.)

                  * Relevant table definitions (Field/Column names)


                  - Daniel.

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                    Ruggero Piccoli

                    I agree with Daniel. Maybe you can try by adding a single filter at a time and run a preview to understand when the result starts to be empty and investigate the filter that cause the issue.



                    Best Regards,



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