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    Make all rows in a straight table show regardless of selection?

      Dear fellow Qliksters,


      Newbie here. Have gone through the online training. In the progress of creating prototypes to train myself.


      My question:


      I'm hoping to use a straight table as the main selector on a sheet. This straight table has mini-charts/sparklines in it that serve as the guide to which row in the straight table a user would want to select. The selection then updates various other objects on the sheet that give more details on the row in question.


      Currently the straight table behavior is such that only the selected row is visible after a selection has been made. My desire is to not have that happen, instead all the rows should remain so that the user still has the overview he/she gets from the mini charts associated with each row in the straight table. In essence this means that I'm hoping to make the straight table behave as a list box in its default setting, i.e. it shows which row is highlighted and which rows are excluded with colors, and the excluded rows do not disappear from view. Except, I'd be happy to live without the color coding on included or excluded rows, just having all the rows stay visible is key.


      So far I gather that only the straight table supports mini-charts/sparklines, so I'm focusing on that.


      I'm ready to dive into Macros, Set Analysis?, and all kinds of trickery. Curious to see what you experienced Qliksters suggest.