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    Meta data missing in AppObjectList

    Erik Wetterberg


      I'm currently adding some features dealing with stories to a mashup for a client. To get a list of stories I use an AppObjectList, which gives me the data I need. For a story created yesterday it looks like this:



      Note that it has owner, privilieges and modifiedDate. But if I create a new story (in the standard client) it immediately appears in the list (good), but with very limited data:


      Note that there is no owner, no privileges, not even modifiedDate. If I look in the QMC, the data is available:


      And if I make a refresh to get a new AppObjectList the data is still not there, 20 minutes later. (but it is ther for stories created yesterday). Is there something I can do to speed up this process? I don't see any synchronization task in the QMC, is there any setting? Or should I skip the AppObjectList and use the QRS API instead??