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    QlikView Extension issue for Nprinting

    Oualid EL ALI

      Hi everyone,


      I have a Qlikview document which use NPrinting On Demand Extensions. I have to modify the Show condition of the "Run Task" Button, So I followed the below tutorial

      How to Use NPrinting On Demand Extensions in QlikView Documents

      But When I Select WebView I can't see the button. Although I see it when I'm in Accesspoint.

      Also, I tried to drag and drop  NP REPORT from Extension Object. But when I do this action I can't see my Object in the sheet.


      Could you please help me to fix this issue ?


      Environnement :

      I'm runnig Qlikview Desktop with a leased license from the VM Server.

      I'm working with NPrinting (SR3) and QlikView 11.20.12664.0 SR9 64bit Edition(X64).

      Nprinting server, Nprinting designer and Qlikview are already installed.


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