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    Variable Storing a dimension value changing dynamically not working

    Prashant Sancheti

      Hi team,


      I have a one requirement where


      i will have a dropdown selctor like (Dynamic Dimention Name)  like Customer, Region, Country


      The selected value will be stored into variable vDropdownSelector:


      I will have a bar chart where  based on selection in drop down my dimension value will be change


      and i have measure as sum(sales) .


      1) What is the  best way to implement this in qliksense.


      2) I have other requirement where i need to show the same bar chart but only that row if ( sum(margin) >=0)


      I tried this but its not working as expected



      vDashboardSelector :


      if (vDropdownSelector,'Customer', [Customer] ,

      if (vDropdownSelector,'Region', [Region],if (vDropdownSelector,'Country',[Country])))



      Dimention: $(vDashboardSelecto)



      Sum({<"=(vDashboardSelector)" ={"=Sum([margin])>=0"} >}sales)



      Please provide your valuable comments