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    Exclude data from combination of two columns in qlik sense

    Tallat Mahmood

      Hi All,

      I am trying to exclude data in load statement for the combination of two columns. Here is what I am trying to achieve.

      System            Type

      DUI                   test        

      BD1                  test

      PU1                  test

      EP5                  test

      ED5                  test

      GRD                 test

      GRP                 test

      I want to exclude data where  System in DU1, BD1,ED5 and type = test.

      I tried below but does not seem working correctly as it excludes all the values of DU1, BID and ED5 and all test


      And NOT MATCH (System, 'DU1', 'ED5','BID')   and Type = 'test'

      I am new to Qlik sense. Please help.

      Thank you