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    How to use input field to update a direct query

    Alexander Schmitz

      Hi all,


      I am currently trying to create a dashboard with a line chart, an input field and a reload button.

      I want to be able to use direct query to load different time series. (The problem is, I have the possibility of loading >1000 time series (seconds data) and I don't want to load all data in loading script which would take ages, so  I use direct query.)


      The dashboard looks like this:



      I load the timestamp as a dimension and the input variable as measure (has default value temperature). This works only for the default variable name. If I input another variable name, the data does not change.


      My loading script:

      let DQVarName = 'Temperature';

      $(DQVarName) as value


      I would like to be able to load another time series, by typing the name of another measure in the input field.

      Can you help me with that or is there maybe a better way to do it?


      Thanks a lot!