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    Cannot get AGGR expression to work

    Kizzy Davies



      I asked a previous question on how to create a bar chart that displays 1 value but is filtered by another.


      An expression was given (see below)

      =if( RANK( Sum({$<[Requisition Status]={Closed}>}[Number of Filled Reqs]) )<=5,Sum({$<[Division]={'Lifestyle Audio'}>}[Approve to Close])/Sum({$<[Division]={'Lifestyle Audio'}>}[Number of Filled Reqs]))


      The expression works but shows the countries that are not are not in the top 5.  I then got this instruction but I cannot get it to work


      =AGGR(if(RANK(SUM(Sales))<=4,Country),Country) and then check suppress null values


      QLIK Rank screen shot.PNG


      Please help.Thanks,Kizzy