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    Creating time dimensions basing on Time stamp

    Michael Anywar

      SO I have a number of table with different entities, and I would want to us specifically the Timestamp entity as a Dimension.But am failing.. need help on this.


      The time stamp records: stores activities in real time:

      So I would want my time Dimension to be that:

      Year: Month: Day


      Such that at first display on the Graph one would see: 2015 : 2016 : 2017 : 2018  on the Dimension, but when one clicks on a year, they get to view various months of the that year: and when they choose a month, dates of that month pope up and they can choose a specific date.


      I Thought I could just DO to add dimensions,choose table, entity and i choose time,

      such in the Edit expression i have =StartTime, with no aggregation. But this is not working. is there any specific statement to include r aggregation..? or sum....

      My measure though is quantity in a different table linked to to this one, but am not again if i should just sum() for the quantity or there is a specif way of having the different years show their individual sums depending on how deep one continues to click on the dimension (Time)