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    Performance choice for dynamic expressions

    George Menoutis

      I will be using code that might have slight syntactic errors, but I hope it will be sufficient to express my question.


      If in some expression I use SUM(fieldname*5+2), the formula inside the parenthesis must obviously be evaluated for each fieldname value.

      I guess this is the same in the case of SUM(if(fieldname<5,fieldname*3,fieldname/5)).


      However, a variable has a constant value throughout all the data. So, one question is if the following: Will


      be evaluated for each A-B combination, or is qlikview smart enough to evaluate the if condition once and then replace it by whichever field the condition leads to?


      If the answer is "unfortunately, no", how about the following:


      where in the script I have:

      set varname=if(varname<5,'fieldnameA','fieldnameB')


      Will this be evaluated once, as the formula text is not resolved from the start?

      I hope, and believe, this must be "yes", since else how would qv know for what data combinations it would have to evaluate the final expression?


      If I have been vague or there is any way to improve this post, please let me know and have a chance to make it right!