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    QlikSense IIS Redirect after authentication

    Sabrina Richter


      let's see if I can get my problem right as this is not my main job


      My problem is that I have got a QlikView-Server that is accessed via IIS. Now, I have also got a QlikSense-Server (installed on another machine) that should also be accessed via IIS as it should be the same domain.


      What did I do:

      Qlik Sense:

      In the QMC I changed the virtual proxy setting of Windows authentication pattern to "Form" in order to get a form to authenticate.

      I also added the internal and external IP / domain of the "main" - server that has the IIS to the host white list of the virtual proxy.



      I added 4 rewrites in the IIS to rewrite the external domain into the local IP of QlikSense server. Port 4248 is used as it is just http we use here.

      hub/(.*) --> <ip>/{R:0}

      sense/(.*)--> <ip>/{R:0}

      windows_authentication/(.*)--> <ip>:4248/{R:0}

      form/(.*)--> <ip>:4248/{R:0}

      On the IIS we installed the RewriteModule (was already installed), ARR (added) and the WebSocketModule (added).


      What happens:

      It is now possible to access the QlikSense-Server with the external adress http://<url>/hub/.

      I then receive the authentication form and am able to authenticate.

      I get the ticket back (this is what I think happens).

      But then, he stucks with https://<external url>/hub/?qlikTicket=<ticketnumber>.pK4n and does not redirect to /hub/my/work/.


      I read a lot of articles and discussions today but I can't find a solution here.

      I think the problem was discussed here: Reverse Proxy and Authentication port redirect (by


      Did anyone had this problem before or has an idea of why this happens?

      Thanks for any help!