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    Filter is not working as expected Qlik sense


      I am using Qlik sense + geo analytics, and  I want to change the bubble layer and area layer functionality based on condition. I have specified some conditions but not working as expected.

      Please find the star schema of my data model:

      Star Schema.PNG

      Here you can see I have one more table MapType, I defining condition basis on this table selection to render different maps for Geo, Zone, City and Facility.

      Please find all the conditions as below:

      Area Layer=>Appearance=> Colors

      =if(GetFieldSelections(MapType)='Geo' AND IsGeoMap = 'True' AND LEN(GeoDocumentWorkflowStage)>0,RGB(130,128,128),

      if(GetFieldSelections(MapType)='Zone' AND IsZoneMap = 'True' AND LEN(ZoneDocumentWorkflowStage)>0,RGB(130,128,128),

      if(GetFieldSelections(MapType)='City' AND IsCityMap = 'True' AND LEN(CityDocumentWorkflowStage)>0,RGB(130,128,128),

      if(GetFieldSelections(MapType)='Facility' AND IsFacilityMap = 'True' AND LEN(FacilityDocumentWorkflowStage)>0,RGB(130,128,128),RGB(181,181,181)))))

      Bubble Layer=>ID (Dimension)





      Filter Box:

      =if(GetFieldSelections(MapType)='Geo' AND IsGeoMap = 'True',GeoDocumentWorkflowStage,

      if(GetFieldSelections(MapType)='Zone' AND IsZoneMap = 'True',ZoneDocumentWorkflowStage,

      if(GetFieldSelections(MapType)='City' AND IsCityMap = 'True',CityDocumentWorkflowStage,

      if(GetFieldSelections(MapType)='Facility' AND IsFacilityMap = 'True',FacilityDocumentWorkflowStage,GeoDocumentWorkflowStage))))

      To draw map, first I have to select MapType and then from filter drop down, need to select value. So for e.g. I have selected "Geo" from MapType and "Completed" value from filter drop down.

      But all these below filter are automatically appearing, I do not know why:


      As you could see in above image, all values have been selected but i had selected only 'Geo'.

      Can anyone suggest why it is happening or let me know if you need more to clarify?


      Dilip Solanki