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    Expression inside Set Analysis

    Mark Ritter

      I want to do a calculation (AVG) based on a date falling in a certain date range.


      I tried something like this and this works. Attempted to calculate the metric for records that fall in the past 90 days.


      =avg( {<CalendarDate={">=12/03/2017"}>} ($(vCheckinTime))*1440)


      But I have to hard code the date that is 90 days ago. 


      I tried to replace the hard coded date with today()-90 but I get no results.


      Is this even possible in Set Analysis?  If it is what should the syntax be?

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          omar bensalem

          Let's assume that ur calendar date is recognized by qlik as a date and has a format as follow : DD/MM/YYYY

          do sthing as follow:




          or (depends on what type of analysis u want, it maybe be:



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            What about this:


            avg( {<CalendarDate={">=$(=AddMonths(Date (Today ()),-3))"}>} ($(vCheckinTime))*1440)

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              Pablo Labbe

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