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    Numbers Not Adding Up on Bar Graph

    Aaron Bishop

      Hello All,


      Yet again, I have run into a situation that simply does not make sense to me. Let's see if I can make this easy to understand...


      I want to measure volume for specific periods of time. I have a bar chart set up with [Date.autoCalendar.Date] as the dimension and Count(If([Date] > 0, [Key])) as the measure. Here's an example of what happens:



      The Volume KPI has the correct number for volume, and has the same formula as the measure in the graph: Count(If([Date]>0, [Key])). The volume during this 7-day period is 273, but the graph shows 184, nearly 100 less than what it should be.


      The issue is further complicated when I want to see volume by employee. I added [Employee] as a second dimension in the graph above and got this:



      The volume as shown by the graph now adds up to 354.


      So now I'm lost.


      My only thought is that is must have to do with the way my data is set up. I started with one table and created 3 cross tables from it so that different fields could be bound together with a key. Still, I've used similar set-ups with other apps and never run into this problem.


      All ideas are welcome. Thanks ahead of time.