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    SQL script to load in Qlik

    P Kumar

      Hi Experts,

      Can any one please help me to load below block of SQL script in Qlik.

      Is it possible to load the below script as it is in Qlik by adding SQL connection on top or do we need to make any syntax changes.


      Thanks in advance

        • Re: SQL script to load in Qlik
          Andy Weir

          You should be able to load that directly


          You will need to create your SQL connection as a data connection and select this before your load statement.


          I would check your field aliases as there seems to be some there with no space between AS and the alias name.


          I'd also create a view if you have the rights to in the database to keep the script cleaner.


          Also id give your fields more user friendly names for use in your qlik app.


          Any flag fields with an _<flagname> and keys starting with an %<keyname>.


          Hope this helps