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    Filter on a dimension from the master item list

    Mick Rovenstine

      I have created a dimension in the Master item list that returns a "year" as a function of a [date field] and a [length field] in months.


      e.g. Master item 'Year' is defined as the function: year(addmonths([date field], [length field])


      Subsequently when I use 'Year' as a dimension in a visualization and try to filter on it, I expect to see all of the records associated with a specific year, but instead, the filter associates my selection of a year to the selection of the corresponding [date field] and [length field] associated with my filter selection.


      e.g.  I select '2013' in a filter and expect to see all the records with the calculated 'Year' of 2013. 


      Instead it filters on [date field] and [length field] for all the records in 2013 and the result is records that contain any combination of those fields resulting in records with a variety of 'Year' outcomes.


      Is there a way to filter only on a function's return value in the Master item list instead of the fields from which it was calculated?



      Thanks in advance for any help!