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    Expression with calculated field

    Caroline Huet



      I have the following table :


      IDOld DateNew DateDifference


      My "Difference field is defined thanks to the following expression :

      =If(NetWorkDays([Old Date],[New Date])>0,

      NetWorkDays([Old Date],[New Date])-1,

      -NetWorkDays([New Date]],[Old Date)+1)


      I would like to add a KPI showing the number of ID that have the "Difference" field different to 0.


      I tried the following expression :


      Count({< If(NetWorkDays([Old Total Date début],[New Total Date début])>0,

      NetWorkDays([Old Total Date début],[New Total Date début])-1,

      -NetWorkDays([New Total Date début],[Old Total Date début])+1)<>{0}>} MSN)

      But it's not working, I'm not very familiar with Set modifiers.

      Could I give a name to the expression in blue in order to use it again ? I created a custom measure but doesn't seem to work if I want to use the name of my measure.


      Best regards,