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    need help

    satish qlik



      I need help on ignoring selections.


      I have pie chart




      measure--->Sum(distinct {<Year={"$(=$(_vCurrentYear))"},Brand=>}volume)



      My requirement is : If I select any country in pie chart, it shouldn't be effect in other chart(bar chart)


      In Bar chart







      (((Sum({1<Measure=,[KPI Type]={"Volume"},KPI={"B F C"},



      ((Sum({1<Measure=,[KPI Type]={"Volume"},KPI={"B F C"},






      (Sum({1<Measure=,[KPI Type]={"Volume"},KPI={"B F C"},




      I tried with Country= under the set expression but not working

      any suggestions??? 

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          Teis Thrane Wamsler

          Hi satish


          try replace the Identifier "{1<" to "{$<" in the expression and add Country= i set analysis.



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            David Forest

            You shouldn't need to use 1 unless you want all other dimensions excluded.

            To exclude a dimension you would add Country= with the qualifier set to $ instead of 1

            Any of the variables,$(_vBFLastYear),$(_vBFCurrentYear) used would also need that exclusion added

            You may need to exclude other dimensions as well based on your data; it may look like Country is changing the values, but it may be some other dimension like Zone.

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                satish qlik

                Hey Thank you for suggestion


                these are the variables which I have created


                Only([Forecast Start Year])-1



                Num(Only([Forecast Start Year])-2,'####')


                also I tried with with counry=, zone= in the set expression but still no use.


                any suggestions on my expression ??

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                    David Forest

                    Would need sample data to help further; including all the data tables involved. Are you copy and pasting from your app the exact code?

                    Also noticed upon looking again, do you really want a Sum of distinct volumes in pie?

                    Is there a volume and BF_Volume?

                    Why does _vBFLastYear have a num() and _vCurrentYear not?

                    Set analysis is very finicky, be sure every piece/variable evaluates as expected by placing values in a text object. Poorly formed Set Analysis may syntactically check but yield an empty set or have no effect if the expression evaluates to null