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    Wierd Nulls Popping up when Creating Flags

    Erica Trotter

      Good Afternoon,


      I am experiencing issues when creating flags where many of them are nulls for no apparent reason:

      In the Script:

          Trim(Upper(Status)) as Status,

          If(Trim(Upper(Status))='INACTIVE',0,If(Trim(Upper(Status))='TERMINATED',0,If(Trim(Upper(Status))='ON HOLD',0,If(Trim(Upper(Status))='ON LEAVE',0,If(Trim(Upper(Status))='RESIGNED',0,1))))) as Active_Flag,

          if(Trim(Upper(Status))='TERMINATED',1,0) as Terminated_Flag




      As you can see, the for the inactive it is null in one place but is working correctly in another. The if statement is basically the same for the terminated flag, but it is coming through fully with no nulls.


      Please let me know if you have any ideas!