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    QVXSDK Issues?  Has anyone gotten the examples to work?

    scott cunningham

      I'm trying to put together a POC for streaming data in QlikView or Sense, but i'm running into issues with the QVXSDK v2.1.5.  Do i have the most up-to-date version?  Has anyone gotten the examples to function and might be able to share some tips?


      When building the QvEventLogConnectorElaborate I receive an error message when trying to update the version information along these lines (removing my user ID):

      >  QvEventLogConnectorElaborate -> C:\Users\<maskedUserID>\Desktop\QvxSDK\Examples\EventLogElaborate\QvEventLogConnectorElaborate\bin\Debug\QvEventLogConnectorElaborate.exe

      1>  relstamp file=[C:\Users\<MaskedUserID>\Desktop\QvxSDK\Examples\EventLogElaborate\QvEventLogConnectorElaborate\bin\Debug\QvEventLogConnectorElaborate.exe]

      1>  Exception in ParseBinaryVersionResource

      1>  Error in ParseBinaryVersionResource

      1>  error parsing version info from the file

      1>  Some of actions failed, exiting


      It seems that the version of verpatch.exe provided with the SDK is out of date per this SO post:

      windows - Verpatch.exe error - Stack Overflow


      Furthermore, reading the documentation the references to both the QlikView and Qlik Sense Custom Data folders seem outdated (do not exist?)  Here is the documentation i'm referring to:



      Create a new folder with the same name as your connector (for example, QvEventLogConnector) in the Custom Data folder of QlikView or the Connectors folder of Qlik Sense. If the Custom Data or Connectors folder does not exist, you need to create it as well.

      • QlikView 11.20 or earlier: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\QlikTech\Custom Data\QvEventLogConnector
      • Qlik Sense: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Programs\Qlik\Sense\Connectors\QvEventLogConnector

      In QlikView November 2017 SR2 i do not have a QlikTech folder at all in Common Files, is the QlikTech folder supposed to be created as well?

      I feel like there should be a more well documented happy path for such an easy POC...  Has anyone else been able to acheive a streaming data solution in Qlik Sense?