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    Executing a stored procedure in Qlik Sense.

    Mahesh Tendulkar

      Hi All,


      Trying to execute a stored procedure in Qlik Sense.


      There are no errors displayed however, the execution does not return any rows.

      When I execute the stored procedure in the database, it gives me ~1000 rows.


      The stored procedure is creating temp tables and also inserting & updating those temp tables.


      Tried doing some debugging & what I discovered is that the below lines are creating an issue :







      credit = convert(Money,' '),

      debit = convert(Money,' '),

      into tempdb...final_table from Table1 A, Table2 B where Table1.No = Table2.No

      and A.timestamp > = '1 jan 2010'

      Now, if I were to comment out the lines :

      credit = convert(Money,' '),

      debit = convert(Money,' '),

      The stored proc works fine & returns the expected no of rows through Qlik Sense.

      Not able to figure out the solution. Any help would be much appreciated..