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    Count with conditional expression?

    kelly neo

      Hi, Experts, I having a problem on counting dimension with some conditional expression.


      In the red box (A) below.

      I need to count the the number of enterprise which meet the condition expression.


      when condition vYearlyKPI >= ContractedSLA then only take count the enterprise.

      vYealyKPI =       (((1+(floor(date(ContractDuration_Date_Max)) - floor(date(ContractDuration_Date_Min))))*24*60)

              - (Sum( If(Outage_Month = Outage_Month and Outage_Year=year(Today()) and [Enterprise Name]=[Enterprise Name], [Negotiated Outage Duration (minute)]))))

              /((1+(floor(date(ContractDuration_Date_Max)) - floor(date(ContractDuration_Date_Min))))*24*60)


      Can anyone help on this. Thanks!