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    Reading /QTQVC/STATUS in Qlik (SAP Connector)

    Andreas Kamber



      We've updated the SAP connector to the latest version and now some of our code is failing:


      Take this simple example:


      CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QvSAPEXTRConnector.dll;ASHOST=[];";




      MANDT,  // Client

      CONNECTOR,  // Connector

      JOBDATE,  // Job date

      JOBTIME,  // Job time

      JOBSTATUS,  // Job Status

      TFMETHOD,  // LoadMethod

      ENDDATE,  // Job date

      ENDTIME,  // Job time

      JOBNAME,  // Job

      JOBCOUNT,  // Job no.

      OBJECT,  // Object

      UPDMODE,  // Upd mode

      USERNAME,  // User

      WINUSER,  // Win User

      WINIPNR,  // Win IP no

      TEXT // Text





      Really easy...but it fails with:

      no extractor name/logical sys defined


      Any idea where to specify the logical system? Help was not helpfull