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    My Data model $Syn 5 should be remove those 3 field ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      I encounter some issue when i notice i found that below expression when place at dimension it does not work for QV ver 9 ( it work for Ver 12 ) :-




      I also consult the expert here , Mr Kri advise me my sales order table , should have only 1 field link to other table.


      After check my data model on sales table , i found that most of them have only 1 field link to other table , which is correct. except for $Syn 5 which i found there are 3 field link to other table.


      Am i correct to said that i should focus on remove the field that link to $Sync 5 Table , that is to remove the link on field name for SOURCE GROUP_CLASS date ?



      remove $syn 5.png