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    Export to excel total not matching with Qlik Straight table total

    Prashant Sancheti

      Hi team


      I am having Straight Table as Chart


      I am having a following as Dimention :  Customer



      if (vPeriod = 'YTD',


      if (sum([Cost Price]) <> 0 ,


      if (Sum([SP]) <> 0, num(sum([YTDSales]) - Sum([YTDFxSales]), '#,##0'), num(sum([YTDSales]), '#,##0')), 0),



      Total in the Staright table is showing correct result.


      but when i am trying to export this data and try to compare the total in excel and Total in Table is not matching .


      What could b the reason .


      Please provide your valuable comment as early as possible.